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These policies are effective as of 4/30


Surgery Deposit policy

Due to the increased number of no-show surgeries, all surgeries now require a deposit due at the time of making the appointment. This deposit is applied to the balance due if the client honors the appointment. If the client no-shows, the deposit will be kept and a new deposit will be required to reschedule. If the client reschedules or cancels at least 48 hours prior to the appointment, the deposit will be refunded.

$50 deposit for reserving a spay or neuter appointment, $100 for all other surgical procedures.

New client appointment policy

A new client is defined as a person who has never received services from the clinic, excluding nail trims. A person may have purchased over the counter products or had nail trims done for their animal, but if the animal was never examined by a veterinarian in the employ of the clinic, the person will be considered a new client. In addition, if a client is not current, defined by not receiving services from the clinic within three years, this person will also be considered a new client and may be subject to the new client policy. A new client may only schedule one pet for their first appointment.

A deposit of $50.00 is required to schedule a new client appointment. The deposit is due at the time of scheduling the appointment and if the person is unable to make the deposit, the appointment cannot be reserved. If the person cancels the appointment with at least twenty-four hours' notice, the deposit will be refunded.

If a new client no-shows their first scheduled appointment, the new client deposit that was collected at the time of scheduling will be kept by the clinic, and if the new client wishes to make a new appointment, a new deposit will be required. If the new client no-shows more than twice, they will be refused future service.